Struggling [to be] a[n] artist

{16 February 2009}   back to Basics

Rob had told us to download some of these so thats what I did, and i opened up “Fun with a Pencil” and the first chapter is well, back to basics. I was finding it difficult to do, to draw like I had never really drawn before. What came to mind was things I had heard my art teacher talk about, and what I had read in some tao/buddhist teaching, to look at something with a clear mind, like you had never seen it before, never interacted, never knew; a blank slate. It’s easier to teach someone who doesn’t know anything about it than someone who already thinks they know something. The style he draws is clearly more american based, while mine is more anime/manga based, so I am trying to draw in his style to broaden my ability. We’ll see wont we? :3

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