Struggling [to be] a[n] artist

{16 May 2009}   BJD Dairy 1

So me and a friend had gotten a BJD to try together.¬† All we’ve done so far is cut the hair, and on the attempt to shape it.

Warrior Alpha This is him. Dear Alpha Proto with his hair uncut. Look how long his locks are.

hair shapinghair2hair3 images of his hair after the cut, and attempting to shpe it.

and now, a bunch of random poses we did with the doll.

acks1reclined2reclined1relaxingThe sorrow1The sorrow 2headless5headless4headless3headless2headless1Sorrow for the heads

Next wednesday we hope to try a face-up on the original head with the body.

{6 May 2009}   Prisma coloring!

So this is what I’ve gotten for today. A prisma color drawing of my kitty cat yuki! I think it turned out fairly well for not realling knowing how to color. (Maybe I keep fibbing when I say I don’t know how. I have ideas, some theories, but last time I acutally studied/practice any form of coloring, was over 3 years now)

{5 May 2009}  

Well, things aren’t turning out to be so daily… anyway, here‘s today’s sketch. I didn’t do anything yesterday. I was up at school for half of it, and at a friends for the other half. The day before I did some watercolor of the nono girl sketch. I haven’t bothered scanning those because they are so horrible, and I was more just looking at colors.

{2 May 2009}  

Drawn 5/2/09. Wasn’t able to really draw yesterday. :\ The sketch

I’ve seen other’s blogs, and they have their images shown. maybe I’m just too lazy to upload crap sketches here, and instead will just fill my dA scrapbook¬† \(^o^)/¬† sounds like a wonderful plan to me.

{1 May 2009}   Daily doodles

Drawn 4/30/09 One is a pen sketch of yuki as she’s looking out the window. The other is a body sketch. The pose was inspired by Asuka from NGE (had no reference image O.o ) And currently fighting hard against giving her the yellow dress Asuka wears.

Yuki Kitty!


Maybe I’ll post later what I’ve done today. Maybe I’ll post it tomorrow, who knows.

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