Struggling [to be] a[n] artist

{16 May 2009}   BJD Dairy 1

So me and a friend had gotten a BJD to try together.  All we’ve done so far is cut the hair, and on the attempt to shape it.

Warrior Alpha This is him. Dear Alpha Proto with his hair uncut. Look how long his locks are.

hair shapinghair2hair3 images of his hair after the cut, and attempting to shpe it.

and now, a bunch of random poses we did with the doll.

acks1reclined2reclined1relaxingThe sorrow1The sorrow 2headless5headless4headless3headless2headless1Sorrow for the heads

Next wednesday we hope to try a face-up on the original head with the body.

Teru says:

Hey- just stumbled across this, but just wanted to let you know- that’s not a BJD! Lol- check out if you want to see what real ones look like.

Good luck!

yamori says:

yes, I know of den of angels. And this is a BJD. Its a naked un-made up one 😛

Teru says:

Actually, bjds don’t look that way at all, and is he made of resin? He doesn’t look it. Also, there should be a place for eyes to be set in, and wig cap. He should be strung as well, and the head should be attached with an “S” hook. Like I said, have a look at DoA!

yamori says:

Sorry I didnt get the fancy expensive one and cut the eyes out, not having the tools, money, or experience to do. This is the body type I got with a pre-threaded head of hair. Sorry it’s a little cheapy without “true style” BJ, but the joints still rotate well enough with a ball in it.

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