Struggling [to be] a[n] artist

{8 August 2010}   Yet another cross roads!

Here’s the game up at IndiePub. You can vote here. Very much appreciate it if you would vote.

So I’ve decided to do a concentration of rigging and animating. I haven’t done any modeling or model texture work. I have done environment textures (as said in the last post). However, I have some problems rigging because I don’t know it very well, and there’s only oh so much free stuff out there that can help you. I’m really hoping this new school will have good resources.

I’m still not drawing everyday. Although, I think I would benefit more than drawing complete items everyday (small simple things) but complex ones that take many hours and days to do. Alas I am not motivated enough to do so! And would I do it on paper or the computer? More time spent trying to get the right line on the tablet than on paper…

I want to become a better artist… I know I can. Yet, for some reason, I’m not able to make myself draw enough. Then to add to that, besides traditional art and mediums, I want to learn more about fashion design and even start sewing some of my own clothes. I don’t know how I am going to find time for this stuff plus social and relaxation time. Something has to be cut out.

But for now, starting tomorrow, I am going to try to be doing a 9-5 work day, with an hour of exercise before then. Steve says I wont be able to work that long, since I am certainly easily distracted. We will see. then after I get off…. Do you think I can get myself to draw? I do have some of my art supplies here.

Not to mention my boyfriend wanting me to pick a violin back up. Need to go buy a new one (i have a book of music that I can start with, easy enough level where it’s not overly complex, but difficult enough I’m not learning scales again) And I had found my nice shoulder rest too!

Rigging/Animation, Traditional Art, Fashion/Sewing, Violin (character design or concept art still???) Too many things I want to do.

et cetera