Struggling [to be] a[n] artist

{15 July 2011}   Advice from a Friend

When the electricity goes off, all the work you did on the machine is just as stuck as the ideas in your head. Computer generated art, anything, is a fairy gift. It can melt away in a heartbeat. A solid foundation in composition, design, drawing, history and color theory will always support an artist. It is after all the artist’s hands creating the work. It boils down to the individual.

I also recommend any artist entertaining a career in the game industry, comics or movies, must take basic business courses as well. Too many artists don’t pay attention to the paper work and it always comes back to bite them.

 – Maurine                                                 

I was going through my inbox (220 messages from 6 years) and deleting stuff that was no longer relevant, etc. This was actually posted to a y!Group I’m on, and I thought this would be a good place to put it. I want to make it all more fancy and stuff. Very good wisdom that I hear from so many places.

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