Struggling [to be] a[n] artist

{8 February 2013}   And the winner is…

Program line up:


It seems really light and simple, and everything is in the open. There aren’t a lot of features for it; this last update they put bones in I think. I’m looking forward to see what they do with it, but the lack of documentation   and uncertainty of it’s stability concerns me for this project. It seemed to do everything fine, but the tight deadline isn’t something where we can deal with some unknown issue pop up and wait for replies on the forum for a maybe fix.


I found this one a bit more troublesome to work with. Granted it was just the demo. The timeline was hidden, and very easily could be toggled while working on it. The thing that nixed it, was exporting the images produced blank files. It stated the unity export wouldn’t work, but the PNG export did not produce any images.  Not really sure why that happened, and didn’t look much into it. I expect at least a partially functioning demo, where I can see a final product of some sort. A water mark or limit on what it will produce, fine. But I still need a final sampling. While it did have slightly more documentation than Spriter, it was still scarce and thin.

I won’t give any sort of review on flash. It’s well known enough for anyone looking into animation to find information. It has the most official documentation, plug-ins, and tutorials around. The boning feature won over my co-worker for using flash. She’s more than happy to rig the things up for me to animate. I do want to work on rigging them. Maybe I can do a monster or something.

My next concern is do we do Raster or Vector art for it….

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