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{26 June 2013}   Don’t go to Art School

Blog post from Noah Bradley

Don’t go to Art School is a great small rant about how to avoid getting in a lot of debt for almost no return. I think it’s worth reading the whole thing since it’s really short and people on well thought out informational rants are always fun to read. But the thing I want to just copy and paste here is The $10k Ultimate Art Education section.

  • $500 – Buy an annual subscription to The Gnomon Workshop and watch every single video they have.
  • $404.95 – Buy Glenn Vilppu’s Anatomy Lectures and watch all of them.
  • $190 – Buy all of these books and read them cover to cover.
  • $1040 ($20/week x 52 weeks) – Weekly figure drawing sessions. Look up nearby colleges and art groups and find a weekly session to attend.
  • $2500 – Sign up for a SmART School Mentorship when you feel ready to get one-on-one guidance to push your abilities.
  • $2400 – Sign up for four classes from CGMA. Get taught by professionals in the industry on exactly the skills you want to learn.
  • Free – Watch all of these keynotes.
  • Free – Study other things for free. Suggested topics: business, history, philosophy, English, literature, marketing, and anything else you might be interested in.
  • $500 – Throughout the year, use at least this much money to visit museums in your area. And not just art museums. All museums.
  • Free – Create accountability. One of the great advantages to attending a school is the comradery. So use the internet to create your own. Go join a forum where you can give and receive critique on the work you’re developing. There are many different ones out there that can suit whatever flavor you prefer.
  • The rest – Materials. Buy yourself some good art materials to create with. Whether digital or traditional. Don’t skimp.

That all right there, is the most useful part of the post. While it all is  expensive for someone without a lot of money, I tink it starts you thinking in the idea of how to look for more reasonable and accessible ways to learn art.

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