Struggling [to be] a[n] artist

{13 February 2011}   About [me] & This

I had realized there is no “about” page.

– M e –

I’m a 23 year old female; currently a “college drop out” and attended University for Game Design. Despite the programs across the country being very young, I did learn a few things; such as were to look to start learning things (hint: Not really at school).

Officially pursuing animation as my career choice, but very much interested in graphic design, and wants to learn more about typography, and traditional art mediums like watercolor, and is yearning to take a life drawing class or dozen back at school.

-T h i s –

This blog was started to try to motivate myself record things that I learn as I grow as an artist, and learn various tips and tricks that help me improve. (Really, it first started as an art blog, but it’s just so much easier to upload stuff to dA than it is to make a blog here with art.)

I think that covers it.

I will eventually go back and re-tag/organize the posts, since it’ll make it easier for me to find something too.

et cetera