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{29 November 2011}   Animator Letter Project

Letters of encouragement and inspiration from animators to aspiring animators.

{18 November 2011}   List of artist and drawing tips

Taken from :

A.K.A. “Pato is autistic and shows off his massive collection of saved links”

Have a seat, get a cup of coffee and sit through this. Hopefully you won’t regret it. This is mostly about illustration, by the way.



Get the cheapest shit available. If you’re in America/Europe a Wacom Bamboowhatever apparently does the trick. If you’re anywhere else get the cheaper-end Genius ones because Wacom tablets are expensive in every place that’s not the first world. Getting a $600 tablet will not make you magically improve and it’s a goddamn waste of money. Too poor for tablets? Start with a damn pencil.


This is the Internet, pirate the shit out of them! Here’s a list of freeware programs you could use, because pirating is bad, mkay.

For general illustration:

  • GIMP – Non-shitty, open-source Photoshop Clone.
  • Paint.NET – If you are somehow too dumb for Photoshop clones here’s something easy to use.
  • Flowpaint – Even simpler.
  • Inkscape – Apparently good for things like vector art.
  • Artweaver – Get the free version which kind of sucks but otherwise decent.
  • Chibipaint – Sounds weeaboo as fuck The best thing out there for oekaki, or so they say.
  • Will add more as I find them.
  • MyPaint (added by ME as I found it through another post somewhere)

For 3D modelling and such:

  • Sculptris – 3D sculpting for dummies
  • Blender – 3d modeling/animation program that’s free. Some people love it, most I’ve talked to hate it compared to Maya/Max/XSI, but those cost money. (by ME)

More links coming SOON! (Soon: Duke Nukem Forever).


Spoilers: Improvement will take a long time, specially more if you’re self-taught. Improvement requires dedication and consistenct in your learning. Don’t expect to get great if you’ve just started, and don’t expect greatness in the first year or so either. Save the shit you draw so in the future you can notice that progress has indeed been made.

If you still think you’ll never improve just look at this and realize how wrong you are. Now, if you think you’ll instantly be as cool as that guy, look at this and realize that you still have a long way to go.


Artist’s Block is a very complicated thing but the underlying reason is either lack of creativity, acedia or just a towering pile of bullshit. The best way to treat it is to take up theoretical drawing (anatomy studies, for example) and treat it as a chore. If you need ideas look for the Ideas Generators section below.


All links taken without permission but I’m sure nobody minds a bit of publicity.


This is actually more than enough to get you started when it comes to getting books. Saying that the amount of books here is FUCKING MASSIVE would be an understatement.


Simple practice method for the aimless artfagOpen any of the first two links, and choose a distinct category (For example, faces). Tell it to switch every 10 minutes if possible; else, get a timer. Fire it up and start drawing what you see. The idea is that you should stop after 10 minutes and move onto the next one, no matter how incomplete it is. Repeat until your art gets showcased in the Louvre.






  • /ic/ Thread 1 – Collection of tutorial images.
  • /ic/ Thread 2 – Humongous thread with a crapload of links. A must-see.
  • Manga to Realistic (dA) – A Twelve-Part walkthrough that dips your toes into realistic illustrations aimed at people with a weeaboo background.




  • CG Textures – Massive collection of free textures. Also tutorials.



  • – These guys are fucking sweet.
  • DeviantArt – Well, think about it. It is an art community after all.

If you want me to add something, please notify me through my /ask. Be sure to check back often as I’ll be adding more things.

{27 September 2011}   #the50

This was shared on someone’s social network. I found it entertaining and a good remind of things. More valuable for those not so much studying anymore, but trying to make a living from it. Regardless, should be shared and read through.

Just for more emphasis 🙂

Found on Tumblr:


I’ve been saving links, links of tutorials, books, etc.

And pretty much, this is what I have so far.

Gesture drawing tool

Drawing Script

Nudes References


Human Anatomy for the Artist

+9000 books

Inconnucrit Art Resources

More Resources


More Tutorials to download

Even more from 4chanarchive

How to Draw123

Bargue Drawings Tutorials (one of my favourite sites)

Creature Design

Journey of a Rookie (check out this guy, he is a great influence/inspiration)

Deviantart tutorial group (Yeah I know deviantart bluhbluh)

Other Group

Loomis books

Anatomy for the Fantasy Artist/Action Figures

The Art of Drawing

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Christopher Hard: Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy

Drawing 101

And this ones is for some programs.




Custom Facemaps

Concept Art Weapon



That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Enjoy and I hope it’s useful for you.

(Source: marlez, via fusosososo)

{15 July 2011}   Advice from a Friend

When the electricity goes off, all the work you did on the machine is just as stuck as the ideas in your head. Computer generated art, anything, is a fairy gift. It can melt away in a heartbeat. A solid foundation in composition, design, drawing, history and color theory will always support an artist. It is after all the artist’s hands creating the work. It boils down to the individual.

I also recommend any artist entertaining a career in the game industry, comics or movies, must take basic business courses as well. Too many artists don’t pay attention to the paper work and it always comes back to bite them.

 – Maurine                                                 

I was going through my inbox (220 messages from 6 years) and deleting stuff that was no longer relevant, etc. This was actually posted to a y!Group I’m on, and I thought this would be a good place to put it. I want to make it all more fancy and stuff. Very good wisdom that I hear from so many places.

{1 July 2011}   Portfolio info.

New category: Portfolio! Will include tips for demo reels and websites as well.
Porn Elves and Other Offenses of the Common Student Portfolio is a nice run down of some do’s and don’t’s  of a portfolio. My biggest issue on there might be the generalization. Animation, character design, illustration and graphic design (less so on the graphic part) is what would probably be displayed in mine. I like to think it wouldn’t be an issue but who knows. I do need to redo my website and demo reel so badly, and then maybe I can get some good insight on it.

More I have to read: and

I would post hilights, but that would just be copy/pasting the article.

Design portfolio:

{17 June 2011}

There are no bad stories.

There are no bad drawings.

It’s hard not to look at your own stuff sometimes and just…hate it. It is easy to compare your work to your friends and feel like you don’t quite stack up.

This is okay. And totally normal.

The important thing to remember (other than the more things you create the better you will get) is that no matter how bad your art turns out to be, you will survive its creation.

You will live on to write, and scribble, and doodle, and draw another day. No matter how awful you think what you just made is, you will outlive it. You just can’t let that scare you from making more awful, and also awesome stuff.

Even sitting here in SuperNoodle H.Q. I psych myself out all the time. And there is nothing scarier to a creator than a blank sheet of paper. Well, even worse than a blank sheet of paper, is a whole blank book full of them.

Getting a new blank book, I’m filled with hopes and dreams of all the beautiful masterpieces that will no doubt adorn the pages. Then you know what happens? I mess up the first 10 pages and that feeling just flies out my window.

So here is the SuperNoodle secret solution for you. Something we can try together.

First: Take a deep breath. Shake out your arms and some nervousness with them.

Now: We are going to make a book especially for our crummy work. A book, I promise, you won’t feel bad about crumpling, or shredding, or stomping, or flushing if you end up hating everything you make in it.

The video is a lesson on how to make one of these super cheap-o bad stuff books. I’ve made it so you can try to work along with the video, but feel free to pause and work through the steps.

Here’s a big hint:

Don’t crumple, shred, stomp, or flush these. Even though you might REALLY want to. Hide them. Put them in pages of books you’re done reading. Under the bed is a classic. In an old shoe, where smelly stuff belongs. Whatever. Just save them, so when you make your amazing new work, you

{13 February 2011}   Resumes

A friend had posted a cover letter example and another posted resume examples thought I would add them to my list of info 😀

{13 February 2011}   About [me] & This

I had realized there is no “about” page.

– M e –

I’m a 23 year old female; currently a “college drop out” and attended University for Game Design. Despite the programs across the country being very young, I did learn a few things; such as were to look to start learning things (hint: Not really at school).

Officially pursuing animation as my career choice, but very much interested in graphic design, and wants to learn more about typography, and traditional art mediums like watercolor, and is yearning to take a life drawing class or dozen back at school.

-T h i s –

This blog was started to try to motivate myself record things that I learn as I grow as an artist, and learn various tips and tricks that help me improve. (Really, it first started as an art blog, but it’s just so much easier to upload stuff to dA than it is to make a blog here with art.)

I think that covers it.

I will eventually go back and re-tag/organize the posts, since it’ll make it easier for me to find something too.

{13 February 2011}   Growing

This was posted by some alumni: On Why too much help stunts your growth by Kevin Johnstone. I have a habit of posting asking for people on help or knowledge of good tutorials on how to do something. I would also like to argue, however, that if I don’t know if the damn thing exists then how am I suppose to play with it? There are so many programs out there to do any number of things, that it can get over whelming to keep up or know how they all work. There could also be some unknown tutorial that someone else stumbled across that you won’t find on your own.

But you still need to try going on your own. Just go build the whole thing and see how it works, then figure out why it doesn’t work, (or if you can, show it to someone and ask what can be improved or what’s going wrong) Then once you learn the tips and tricks, write it down and practice it over and over (which I must admit I am terrible at doing).

I’d also like to argue that someone could being doing something in 7 steps that can be done in two or three, and you’ve never know because it works and never had thought of another way it could be done. Note comparing is important and other than asking someone how they do it, I don’t know how else you would know.

Regardless, you won’t learn anything if you don’t get you hands dirty.

et cetera