Struggling [to be] a[n] artist

{30 May 2008}   Art Ideas

Environments. Each character has their own room and space. Businesses still have a look to them too. What do the interior look like?

Reminded of this by this person when they posted images from class.

Draw animals at the zoo. You have about 30 seconds for each animal pose and you have to do 50 animals.  Think about brining a a empty (or near empty) book. Get there in the morning and spend the rest of the day drawing them.

James had told me about this as he was talking about a teacher at another school.

Steam punk – mideval or lower civilization. (Mideval, feudal, tribal etc. NOT industrial, modern, or futuristic.) Things like “what if knights or samurai had steam power” or “the aztecs when the spanish came”Watch the time period. (motorcycles are bad…. mechanical horse, catapult, carrages)

This idea came from the Fragfest fall 08 modeling competition at Ferris State Uni.

Illustration Friday – Every week a new word is given and you have a week to do an illustration (or any sort of art piece, any medium any design) It’s more “make what you think of when you think of this word” or “what does this word mean to you”

Found this site through this

Parody – Take an opening of a show you like, and use other characters for it. You’re own characters or from another show. Match up the timing and movements as much as possible.

This idea came from the many videos that can be found across the net that does this already. You can take images from the show you’re doing and do a AMV type thing, or hand draw them yourself and put it all together. It’s going to a large project either way.

Music Video РEveryone has a song they really like, and everyone would love to see a type of animation to that song. Take one of your favorite songs and make a video out of it.  Flash, video camera, or AMV style.

et cetera