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{13 August 2012}   An Ask to Milk Chiltin

From tumblr An Ask to Milk Chiltin:

I found your tumblr just a few days ago but I already love your art to bits! So every time I see it pop up on my dash I wonder if I will ever be as good as you – without drawing classes – and if you had such. I’d like to know if I should think about attending them or can I learn to draw like you even without?

Ah thanks! I hope you don’t mind if I pub this ;u;

The ‘art classes’ I’ve had are your average high school art 1, art 2, blah blah, and my teachers were very great and helped me improve a lot, but I’m mostly self taught! i can’t afford college with my economical status right now and I know financial aid blah bLAH but i’m too broke to sink myself in student loans before i even get a job out there yknow? :/

it’s a hard situation, but I’m workin my way through it. If you can get classes, get them! But make sure you listen to what your teachers are telling you to do even though that might be boring as fuck, otherwise your money will be wasted! As for teaching yourself, there’s a couple things

  1. Is it going to be harder?

Yes, it’s going to be wayy harder, you don’t have anyone to instruct you and you’re gonna feel very lost most of the time. Your biggest help is going to be to learn how to listen to criticism. It’s very hard to hear at first, but just keep in mind that all they’re trying to do is make you a better artist!

  1. Am I gonna want to give up?

Yes. A lot, even I still feel like giving up every now and then, but don’t let yourself get down, it’s true that you’re at a disadvantage, but that doesn’t mean that artists with teachers and instructors don’t feel like giving up all the time either, it’s just something that comes with being an artist and everyone has to learn how to deal with.

  1. Is it going to be faster?

All people learn differently, for me it was slower to progress when I didn’t have a teacher (hs teacher), than when I was trying to do stuff on my own, for some people it might be different so this is really depending on how you absorb information. But remember that there’s never a fast way around art and it will take you a lifetime to get better, something that helps is understanding that art isn’t something you’re gonna get good at one day, but something you’re gonna keep bettering yourself at forever.

You can learn how to draw, with or without classes! It’s all about determination, patience and practice! So it’s up to you, sorry for the rant!

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