Struggling [to be] a[n] artist

I have another blog, here, where random things are posted. It’s been wiped a few times since I had started it. But that isn’t really what this post is about. I simply had a musing while I was getting to this one of posting things from there to here and merging them, and then I tried to remember what this one was for.  My friend Meg uses her blog as an art blog.  I think that’s what I wanted this for, but I have a dA that serves better for posting art. Do I continue in trying to make this my art blog? Or turn it into a the mad rantings and ravings that my pitas had been serving as? This isn’t what I wanted to talk about either.

This week, Corey had given us a very easy assignment with two weeks to do it, to give us a breather and to be able to re-work assignments to turn in for a better grade. It’s nice for once to not feel suffocating trying to stay focus for the few days I have to work on the homework. So of course I’m going to take this grace and play games and watch anime. Yet there is still this nagging feeling. This constant buzz of “should be doing should be doing should be doing” that won’t go away and makes me restless.  I had started watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Wednesday while I was doing my drawing homework, and gotten through 3 discs. Today I had watched another, but as beautiful as it was, the restlessness arouse, saying “I should be doing I should be doing I should be doing”. I caved and came down to work re-work the Vespa, hoping that if I at least re-do one of the nice textured turn-around and make the graphic sheet for it, it would hopefully add a few more points to the (pretty low) grade. The textures need to be replaced since they don’t seem to realize that they are in the same folder as the model and shouldn’t be bothering with the full file path. Yet they are trying to find a path that is no longer there.

Corey had lectured (given a speech?) on our work drive, ethic and desire to be doing what we say we want to. Maybe I should switch to the general track rather than animation one, which I am currently following.  I have no idea. A good determinate is to see what you do in your spare time.

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